History Carnival CXXV

Roll up, roll up, for the 125th history carnival! Here we have a selection, a variety, a tasting of blogs on all matters historical from the past month to delight and divert all and everyone. So, without further fake circus patter (which I’m not very good at anyway), on to the blogs.

With the new academic year just begun or seriously looming, depending on where you are, it seems fitting to start with posts aimed at history students in general. H. E. History Hub is a new blog run by Sara Barker and Claire McCallum explaining university history to new students; their latest post is on ‘who’s who in a history department’. W. Caleb McDaniel gives us a range of questions to pose when reading historical books and discussing them in seminars. While both are aimed at undergraduate students, they are well worth reading if you teach, too (especially if you are new to it!). At postgraduate level, Coral Stoakes reflects on the ‘baby steps’ of starting a Ph.D., and facing the ‘big girl task’ of a book review, and Julie Somers provides guidance on medieval manuscripts in the USA, in case you’re thinking of research in that direction. More generally, Sharon Howard has put together a really helpful list of digital history blogs, while Katherine Pickering Antonova and Phil of the Reckless Historians offer some thoughts on just what being a historian involves.

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History Carnival – Call for Posts

I am delighted to announce that on 1 September, historywomble will be hosting the 125th History Carnival.

The idea behind the carnivals is to showcase historical blogging from the previous month; the last edition was hosted by Early Modern Medicine. So I want you to send me your blog posts – any blog, any period, any area of history. If it’s historical and published during August, I want to know about it.

There is a nomination form, or you could comment on this post or send me an email. Get writing, all you historical bloggers. I’m counting on you.